Shoot for Excellence Hockey Program
  Sept 18th - 20th  
4 on 4 Play on Tournament
  Sept 25th - 27th  
4 on 4 Play on Tournament

Payment Plan Option:

Customers have a chance to pay for “SUMMER” camps in advance using a monthly payment system. Here are the great advantages to this plan:

1. This will give you the chance to be paid up in advance for camp. It also guarantees your place at camp!!

2. This will give you a savings of %10 for the camp your child is registering for.

Here’s how the plan works:

• In order to be able to take advantage of this great offer you must sign up and pay in full by April 30th for the Corner Brook Summer Camps.

• Choose your camp and take %10 off the registration costs. Divide this amount by the number of months left to camp. Send a post dated check each month. All checks must be received together.

For example:
If you are signing up for the Regular Summer School in Corner Brook, registration cost is $400.00, less %10 equals $360.00.

If you decide in January/2015 that you wish to go to the Corner Brook Summer Camp, you can send in four post dated checks. Dated the end of the month for January, February, March, and April…………for $90 each.

You can also just send in one check for $360.00 if you wish, as long as its received before April 30th.

Different prices may apply to different summer schools and there are different family prices as well. Be sure to check out all our prices below before sending in your payments.

Corner Brook Battle School Rates (July 13th – 17th)
Player $350.00
Goalie $175.00
2 Players (Siblings) $600.00
3 Players (Siblings) $850.00
1 player and 1 goalie (Siblings) $500.00

Corner Brook Summer School (Regular Program July 20th – 24th):
1 child $400.00
Goalie $475.00
2 children (Siblings) $700.00
3 children (Siblings) $1000.00
1 player and 1 goalie (Siblings) $750.00



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