Shoot for Excellence Hockey Program
  November 16th Weekend  
Tyler Letto Memorial Hockey Camp

Spring Camps 2018 (Corner Brook Civic Center)

Power Skating
April 27th -29th /2018
This course runs for 8 hours on ice and concentrates on all aspects of skating. Players will work with highly qualified coaches on forward and backward skating using techniques designed to increase power, speed, and agility. Open to Players Timbit 2, Novice 1, Novice 2, Atom, and Pee Wee. Cost will be $170.00, HST included.

New!! Advanced Power Skating
April 27th -29th /2018
This course is an Advanced Power Skating Course. It is made to suit the advanced player or skater. Also suitable for players who have taken the regular Power Skating Course multiple times. There will be drills specifically designed to increase speed and agility. Open to players (Advanced Novice) Atom, Pee Wee, Bantam. 8 hours ice time. $170.00.

Puck Control
April 27th -29th /2018
This is a 4 hour camp that teaches how to control the puck in open ice, confined spaces, and in all situations. Great camp to help with puck confidence and to get players comfortable with carrying the puck!! Novice 2, Atom, Pee Wee, and Bantam. Cost $115.00 HST included.

Shooting Camp
May 4th- 6th /2018
This is a five hour on ice course which teaches all aspects of shooting from a backhand, to wrist shot, to snap shot, and slapper! We also spend a lot of time teaching helpful goal scoring techniques such as deflections, screening, rebounds, driving to the net, one timers, plus much more!! This is a definite player favourite, with a weekend of shooting hundreds of shots. Open to players from Novice 2 -Bantam. Cost $135.00, HST included.

Goalie Camp
May 4th- 6th /2018
We will incorporate this camp as part of the Shooting Camp. Goalies will be on ice with shooters for hundreds of shots. Goalie instructors will be on ice with players during this time to help instruct goalies in style and technique. Goalies will also receive two hours ice time with just all goalies and the goalie coaches. This, plus one hour classroom, is 8 hours instruction in total. Open to Goalies going into Atom all the way up to Bantam. Cost is $175.00

Battle Camp
May 4th- 6th /2018

This camp has five hours. It is designed to push and challenge players in ALL BATTLE DRILLS! Players will be put through a wide variety of one vrs one scenarios, competitions, and races! Constant conditioning and competition play make this an awesome camp for players to stay in shape and push themselves to the extreme! Open to players ATOM , Pee Wee and Ban/Mid! Cost is $135.00 (HST included).

Camps Fill Up Very Quickly!!!!

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